Taking You Back Home

by BestLife (UnderYourSeat)

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released November 6, 2013



all rights reserved


BestLife (UnderYourSeat) Ourense, Spain

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Track Name: Waiting For The Landslide
Waiting for the landslide
I discovered inside you
Anything a man tries
ain’t enough to stand by you
Anywhere the wind blows
there’s a tunnel I go through
I can’t see the end so
there is nothing I’ll show you
Waiting for the landslide
And taking you back home
Where I found the reasons
Taking you back home
Track Name: Horizon
If the river’s gonna be this way
I don’t wanna sail another day
Tell me, please, how long it’s gonna be
Will I ever be myself?
Will I ever be myself again?
I hate the way they’re telling tales
I need to run to that horizon j
ust to find if that is my sun after all
Track Name: Good Old Days
And I try
even when the morning hides
And I feel
I am stuck in sands of time
Cause today
you can talk to television
Yes, today
it’s all about the joy division
Visionaries turning around
Where have all these good old days gone?
Turn around
Track Name: What He Never Told Her
“Do you understand me?”
said the girl
He seemed to be twelve miles away
She would have loved to be with him
“Can you repeat just what I’m saying?”
answered the young man to the girl
That in her face looked like a smile
Though it stayed there for a while
And then, again, she heard him saying
“Please, I couldn’t stand
to watch your face in that picture on the wall
I couldn’t breathe
if I knew you are just suffering as well
I couldn’t live my life alone
cause I miss you so
Yeah I miss you
Here on my own”
Track Name: Hold On
When you kiss me deeply at night
And your silence let me hold you tight
When you kiss me deeply at night
And The Winter´s bleeding blinding lights
When you kiss me deeply at night
And the forest outside´s going white
And the rain/snow is going down
And there is nobody all around
Hold On
Don´t bring yourself back home